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Pensions & Occupational Scheme Management

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Pensions & Occupational Scheme Management

Our Pensions Management unit is manned by experienced and creative analysts who focus on delivering cutting edge results by employing a combination of investment modules to create an optimum investment portfolio for trustees. Varied Fund management strategies are used and portfolio rebalanced periodically to match our clients risk tolerance.

Welfare schemes, provident funds schemes and retirement schemes are good measures to attract the right workforce and reduce employee turnover.

At Delta Capital, Provident Fund Scheme Management, Welfare Scheme Administration, Retirement Planning and other Employer Sponsored Schemes are done with a sharp focus on trustee and beneficiary objectives.

Fund Characteristics

  • Tier 2: Pensions Fund Management
  • Tier 3: Provident Fund Management
  • Valuations & Portfolio Management
  • SEC filings & other statutory representations


  • Quarterly Portfolio Statement
  • Free Investment Advisory
  • Personal Relationship Manager
  • Statutory charges on pensions apply
  • Reporting and Administration to Member Contributors

Targeted Clientele

  • Corporations
  • Welfare & PF Schemes
  • Pension Trustees