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Managed Investment Portfolio

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Managed Investment Portfolio

The Managed Investment Portfolio (MIP) is a high yielding money market instrument managed by Delta Capital designed to deliver the best possible investment performance by identifying and investing in blue chip companies and sectors that maximizes our client value.

The Fund Manager takes into account the client’s objective of investment, time horizon and risk tolerance to structure a tailored portfolio with the required expected rate of returns.
Our team of skilled investment analysts combines talent and experience with a rich knowledge base of finance and investment to structure the appropriate mix of assets with the focus on Preservation of capital, returns and liquidity.

Fund Characteristics

  • Portfolio Management
  • Expected Returns benchmarked to the GoG-Treasury bill rate
  • Minimum Investment amount of Gh¢1,000.00
  • Investments in blue chip securities and high performing industries


  • Quarterly Portfolio Statement
  • Free Investment Advisory
  • Certificate of purchase
  • Personal Relationship Manager

Targeted Clientele

  • Individuals
  • Corporate Entities
  • Groups & Associations
  • Funds held in trust