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Delta Wealth Builder (DWB)

At Delta Capital, we believe that planning for the short term is just as important as planning for the long term. Whether you are planning to start a business, purchase an asset, build a house or simply grow your emergency fund, we believe your money should grow – even in the short term to medium term. And with many savings accounts paying interest that is far less than inflation (i.e., the cost of living), leaving your money in a savings account or simply holding on to it is just not the best option. Financial independence is about having the money to do what you need to do, when you need to do it, without taking on unnecessary debt.

Our Delta Wealth Builder, (DWB) is designed to help clients with small cash holdings build an investment portfolio by cultivating the habit of investing continuously and meticulously. Earnings from this investment vehicle has an annual compounding effect.

Fund Characteristics

  • Pooled Fund Management
  • Expected Returns benchmarked to inflation rate
  • Valuations & Portfolio Management
  • Minimum Investment amount of Gh¢100.00
  • Minimum Investment period of 1year


  • Quarterly Portfolio Statement
  • Free Investment Advisory
  • Personal Relationship Manager
  • Investments in blue chip securities and high performing industries

Targeted Clientele

  • Salaried Workers
  • Business Traders
  • Groups & Associations
  • Students